Controlling one‘s tbr

I have been thinking not only about my reading resolutions for 2019, but also about the change of my personal reading habits.

In 2018, I tried to reduce the pile of unread books that were accumulating dust on my bookshelf. I think I did pretty well. I have few books at home left I still have to read, but I’m not embarrassed about the amount of them anymore.

I got the feeling that I’m in control of my tbr again. It has been years! I remember visiting bookstores and buying only a single book, which I read as fast as I could. When I went to university, I was overwhelmed with all those bookstores selling books in sale! I just couldn’t resist. I bought more and more books because of their very low price.

Nowadays, I miss the freedom of not having any books lying around, waiting for their time to finally be read. I hope to reduce my tbr to zero in 2019. I want the freedom to read whichever e-book my heart desires at the moment. I want to put a bad e-book away, not worrying about seeing it again and again on my shelf. I don’t want to feel guilty for spending far too much money on books I might not read.

I realized that reading really is a kind of escaping into another world. It’s like avoiding reality. Having far too many unread books WITHOUT the desire to really read them speaks for an unhealthy lifestyle I realized. It’s like loosing control of one’s life. Unread books piling up is kind of messy, don’t you think?

I’m sorry for this negative post but I had to write my thoughts and feelings down. Maybe I turned into a control freak. I just don’t want my bad habits dominating my lifestyle anymore – not even if it comes to books. It is time to awake from this dream in which all of my dusty, neglected books will get their sparkling moment one day.

I’ll conquer my tbr soon. Then it’s time to finally celebrate. (Not with buying anymore new books though! 😂)


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