How to get out of a reading slump

Almost every single book lover knows the struggle of being stuck in a reading slump. Having enough time to spend on reading but preferring to do everything else but doing that. Struggling with a boring book that just does not capture your interest. So many signs – far too less willpower to fight that reading slump actively.

What to do? I cracked my brains multiple times trying to figure out a way to show more interest in reading again. I decided to write a list of things that helped me out so often, when I danced along on that edge of avoiding my reading material, because it might inspire you to pick up that book you put down for far too long.


1. Move it!

If you are actually interested in the book you´ve currently been reading, but can´t motivate yourself to spend more time with it, get some fresh air or do a little workout. Increase your brain circulation and get out of that sloppy lazy mode you´re currently in. Take a shower, dress yourself fancily, meet some friends, grab a coffee – just get a move on! Your body needs some motion from time to time. Afterwards, you´ll feel afreshed and will be able to pick up that book again.


2. Try another book

I always get on my friend´s and family´s nerves by preaching that there´s a right time for every book. Sometimes I pick up a book I´ve been dying to read, but just can´t really get into it. In some cases I´m stubborn and press on, in hope that it will get better like most books after a few thirty pages. In other cases, I decide to pick up a different book. Books appeal to people in different situations. Did you just finish Tolstoy´s War and Peace? I bet you wouldn´t want to dig into Anna Karenina right away. You would like to read something that´s light and short. Get your mind stuck in a completely different time period or genres. Reading should be a treat, it should relax your mind. Try not to push certain things on yourself just because you have the urge to read them. You need to desire them.

Choosing another book over the one you´re currently reading may lead to not picking up that book again for some years. However, think of all the other books you would have happily read in the meantime!


3. Reward yourself

Promise to reward yourself after every few pages or chapters with some treats like sweets or time spend on playing with your animals. Challenge yourself with finishing that book. Tell yourself you´ll buy something special for yourself after defeating your boring read! And with „something special“ I´m talking about getting more books of course! Books! Do it for the books, champ!


4. Try buddy-reading

Find someone who´d like to read and discuss a book you´re both interested in with you. Maybe a member of your family, a good friend or a random person on the internet might share your passion about reading. Actively discussing a book that excited you with another person will open your eyes to beautiful quotes and different perspectives concerning the book´s characters for example, you wouldn´t have noticed otherwise.

I personally love to read my books with one of my best friends (visit her blog at coffeemeetsbooks). We fortunately share the same reading test most of the time. I love to compare my notes on quotes with her. It always fascinates me to see how different people tend to see different things in books. We enjoy our weekly book talk over coffee and cake. Try it out sometime – you´ll definitely love it!


5. Try participating in read-a-thons

Ever heard of a read-a-thon? Crazy book-addicted people on the internet love to host their own so called read-a-thons. They´ll set a challenge within a certain time limit to read as many pages of their books as they can. Sometimes they even go without showering or changing their pyjamas for a while because they´re so obsessed with their current reads. Sounds like fun!

(Note I: Need to remind myself to participate in one of those in the near future. Note II: Need to remind myself to buy a monthly supply of fresh pyjamas. And food. Tons of food.)


6. Inspire yourself

Visit your local bookshop or research new releases and sales online. Maybe you´ll find a book that captures your interest so that you´ll get a taste for reading again. You will either happily pick up your book again or buy another bunch that you´ll add to your current TBR, but let´s be honest – either option is alright because we´re all bookishly insane here!


7. Just take a break

If really nothing of the above listed ideas can help you, just take a step back. You don´t have to force yourself. Don´t worry, reading will find you sooner or later again. Just give yourself some space to breathe and focus on other important things in your life.



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