Best Websites For E-Books

I love discovering great websites for good ebooks, so I decided to share my treasured list with you. I hope you´ll find some books to your liking!

  1. E-Book Bike

Most of the ebooks I search for online are on the website ebook bike. You´ll find most new releases there but you have to be quick because many books get deleted because of copyrights.


2. ibookpile

If you search for YA fiction, ibookpile is your destination number one. You´ll find many bestsellers and other hyped books on this platform as well.


3. Rednovella

Rednovella is like a sister to ibookpile, so you´ll also find much YA. Rednovella does´t get that many updates, so you´d prefer to check ibookpile first for books.


4. Top shelf book

If you prefer Thriller or Non-Fiction, visit Top Shelf Book! There are also many currently hyped ebooks to check out.


5. Free Book Bay

It´s not that easy to summarize the content of this website, but I think it´s convenient if you search for books you´ve never heard about before.


6. Epublove

E-Pub Love is great if you´re looking for Non-Fiction and Mystery and Crime but believe me, you´ll find pretty much anything at some point on this homepage.


7. Ebooks for free

Ebooks for free is another amazing homepage for all your bookend needs! Thrillers, Contemporary Fiction, Non-Fiction – you´ll find many bestsellers. Definitely one of my favorite websites for ebooks!


8. English

If you like classics, this website will be your best friend. The downloads are quite simple, they´ll do most of the work for you, you just have to click on the titles you´re interested in. Agatha Christies, Dan Browns, Sherlocks Holmes, Jane Austens… Just check it out, I think you´ll like it!


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