Books on the beach: The Vegetarian & Arcadia


I went to Crete with my beloved boyfriend from the 30th of June to the 7th of July. We  were desperately in need of some relaxation. I haven´t been to the beach in ages so it was definitely time for grabbing a few good books and wandering off South!

You may have read one of my previous posts concerning my summer TBR. I´ve finished three of those ten books but I didn´t like some of  them… I didn´t want to torture myself on my only beach vacation of this year, so I grabbed two books I was really interested in diving into.

The first book is called The Vegetarian written by Han Kang. Han Kang´s writing style reminds me a little bit of Haruki Murakami (my favorite author). The book is like a crossover between Murakami´s Norwegian Wood and Sylvia Plath´s The Bell Jar. I am no vegetarian but I was quite interested in the storyline either way. It´s about a woman who suddenly decides to go without meat, fish, butter, eggs, milk etc. and turns her whole life around in imitating trees and plants. The book is written from the view of three different figures. It´s quite artistic with some elements of photography. I paced through the 183 pages so if you´d like to try something similar to Murakami or Plath, or you´re just looking for a quick read, try this one.

For the second book: with proud 723 pages, Iain Pears´ Arcadia was one of the more intimidating books on my bookshelf. If you are a passionate reader of all genres, you´d definitely fall in love with this one! Three worlds that are colliding with each other. Time travel, a touch of fantasy, contemporary fiction, references to Shakespeare, Agatha Christie and Tolkien – you´ll find everything in here. I was amazed how smooth the different worlds would fall together. The writing style seems to be slightly different in each universe of this book. I enjoyed it so much! Even though this one fills so many pages, it´s easy to read and I found so many beautiful quotes. I finished it in a few days and I am so glad I took this one with me. Definitely one of the best books I´ve read in a very long while!


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