Summer reading list 2016

To my shame, I own far too many unread books. I bet my fellow bookdragons understand the never-ending circle of buying more books than actually reading them…

Last summer, I chose a pile of books that have been sitting around for ages on the dustiest of my shelves. Some of them were just badly written and I had to force myself to finish those. But there is one book among this pile that I couldn´t bring myself to put down. It was amazing! I asked myself why I did´t read this brilliant book („The Brides Of Rollrock Island“ by Margo Lanagan) earlier!

However, the moral of this story: You must give every book a chance, even if you´re appalled by the cover, the reviews or the blurb.

I hope to find another treasure between all those neglected books on my shelves.

So here is my small list of books I intend to read this summer:

  1. On Such A Full Sea
  2. Frog Music
  3. Starter For Ten
  4. Natural History Of Dragons
  5. The Enchantress Of Florence
  6. Black Rain
  7. Ideal
  8. Shantaram
  9. Queen Of Shadows
  10. The Heart Goes Last

(I must admit, I´ve been pretty keen on reading number 9 and 10. I just had to treat myself with a good book from time to time or I´d turn insane.)


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